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CMS Summer School - Jan 5-11 2019

Bible Reading plans


This year, we're encouraging everyone to read through the Bible, or perhaps begin a two-year programme.

Click here for details (including printouts of bookmarks and plans, and links to web resources).


Family Bible Reading 2018

Join us as we read the Highlights of the Old Testament with our Families!

The Old Testament can seem like an inaccessible collection of old unrelated stories - but its not! Each part contributes to God's big story of redemption and salvation. So we encourage your family to join us this year as we read through the Highlights of the Old Testament, and see how they contribute to the bigger story. We’ve broken the Old Testament up into 10 topics (i.e. one for each month from Feb – Nov), then chosen 4 passage from each of those topics (i.e. one for each week of each month) [see here for details]. Our congregation will be following this same pattern for their continuing bible reading, so what you have read as a family each week will be reinforced in church on Sundays. 

To get the most out of reading the Bible together as a family, we recommend you use a study guide. In preparing this series we found the 10 minute family devotions in “Long Story Short” by Marty Machowski to be an excellent resource. We’ve aligned our readings to various “weeks” in his study guide. 

It's never too late to join in! All you really need is a Bible (either a Kids Bible or Full Text - whatever suits your Family!) and a list of the passage we'll be reading (You can always look here at Bible Reading 1 to see what story we are up to this week).

We hope your family can join us! Talk to Tim for more info!

2018 First Aid Training



Our diocese offers discounted First Aid training in conjunction with Red Cross at various locations around Sydney. You need to book in directly with Red Cross. Details in the brochure...

2018 First Aid Training Brochure - Red Cross Training Services