Macquarie Anglican Sunday Kids & Youth during COVID19


The exceptional circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic means our regular face to face groups for Kids cannot meet. However - our Sunday Morning MAC4Kids & SALT Teens Program will continue to run in a revised format on Zoom.

  • We meet at 10:30am - 11:10am every Sunday.
  • MAC4Kids starts all together with a song & game, then break into groups [Infants (age 3-yr 2) and Primary (yr3-5)] for age appropriate Bible teaching. If you have a child in each group then ideally they will each need to connect with their own device.  
  • SALT teens (yr6-8) meets at the same time in a separate Zoom meeting.

Online Zoom Meetings

In normal circumstances, we would not be conducting any childrens/youth ministry via online platforms for child safety reasons. To mitigate this risk, we are implementing guidelines and protocols for these groups based on our Anglican diocesan Safe Ministry principles. This includes...

  • hosting Zoom meetings in secure Zoom room hosted within a Church account 
  • use a waiting room to ensure only expected participants enter
  • have 2 or more leaders in the Zoom session at all times
  • have private chatting between participants turned off
  • encourage behaviour that is respectful as well as fun for everyone
  • occasionally recording online meetings (eg if there is only one leader) with the recordings kept securely for internal compliance purposes
  • occasionally divide into smaller breakout groups within the main meeting - each breakout group will either have two adult leaders or one adult leader (will be recorded)

We ask parents...

  • for children (3-12yrs) - to be present (either in foreground or background) 
  • for youth (13-17yrs) - be there when they log on, and supervise their involvement from time to time through the session
  • to have your child/youth use the device in a family area if at all possible (rather than a private bedroom) and to be conscious of what might be seen in the background
  • ensure your child/teen attends the session using their real name (NOT someone else’s and NOT an online handle)
  • NOT share the link to these groups - if you would like to invite others, please direct them to this form

Permission to participate in online meetings

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